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Driving Lessons Sunderland: Christmas 2016 Gift Offer.


Driving Lessons Sunderland: Seasons Greetings!

Christmas is finally upon us, and I am now officially on holiday until 2016! While I am still contactable via the usual channels during this period, I have no more on-road training arranged for the remainder of the year 2015, therefore I can finally step back and enjoy some much desired, and well-earned, quality time […]

Sunderland Driving Lessons: Hazard Perception Makeover

The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) has announced that new, modern CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) clips will be introduced into the hazard perception part of the driving theory test. The clips, to be introduced in the early part of 2015, will replace the current selection of clips which were captured using actual in-car camera video […]

Driving Schools Sunderland: Christmas Greetings To All!

Christmas Greetings from Chris Chambers School of Motoring! Phew… it’s finally upon us. Given that I have no more on-road training arranged for the remainder of the year 2014, I can finally step back and enjoy some much desired quality time with my family and friends, therefore my post today is a simple one: I […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland: The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Are you looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a loved one? If so, then why not give the gift of driving? You may feel you’re simply giving the gift of driving lessons, however, in reality you are giving the gift of independence, increased job opportunities, and ultimately a skill that lasts a lifetime! For […]

The End Of The Line For The Humble Windscreen Wiper?

Ah…The humble windscreen wiper. Not the most exciting piece of vehicle technology, but an important – if not often neglected – piece of vital vehicle safety equipment. The windscreen wiper as we know it could very well soon be retired, to be replaced with a hi-tech ultrasound device which stops anything from sticking to the windscreen. […]

So Long 2013, Hello There 2014!

Given that the year of 2013 is nearly over, I would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to all of my friends and family for their love and support over the last year both on a personal level and professionally… ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! I would also like to sincerely thank all […]

The £170,000 State-Of-The-Art… Police Car!

Yes – you did read the headline correctly! That’s right:  The latest addition to the Dubai Police Force’s fleet of vehicles comes in the shape of a 207mph McLaren MP4-12C super car! The McLaren – which was purchased to celebrate the nation’s successful World Expo 2020 bid – even carries the “2020” number-plate.  Oh, and the […]

Whilst Browsing The Internet… Take 15.

Here we have the fifteenth in an occasional series of driving related internet humour… Simply put, it made me smile – so I thought I would share it! As always – stay safe out there people! Chris Links: http://www.chrischambers-som.com https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=684809074893127&set=a.383726825001355.92835.245201678853871&type=1 https://plus.google.com/114398979294611026237/posts/8rboeLwBa3g  https://twitter.com/CChambersSoM/status/417341980126216192   

Absolute Genius: But Why Didn’t I think Of That?!

Some may call it ingenious, others may call it blatant cheek… You choose! Personally I think it’s a stroke of genius! It surely must be number one on the list of solutions to find a parking space. I will not spoil if for you, so please watch the video for yourself simply by following the link […]