Driving Lessons Sunderland: AND NOW, THE WINNER IS

By | 27/07/2017

Finally, after many weeks’ of keeping the news to myself due to an imposed embargo, I am both proud and humbled in equal measure to now be in a position to announce that Chris Chambers School of Motoring has been named ‘Most Trusted Driving School – Sunderland’ in the ‘2017 AI Business Excellence’ awards.

I was notified in December last year that Chris Chambers School of Motoring had been nominated.  Shortly thereafter, I was asked if I would be happy to accept the nomination, and in turn for my business to be short-listed.

While the nomination came totally out of the blue, naturally, I was indeed happy to accept. What seemed like many weeks’ passed, and in February this year I was informed that the judges had made their final decision, and that, happily, Chris Chambers School of Motoring had made it onto the list of winners.

As anyone who knows me will attest, I am not one whom feels the need to pat myself on the back or indeed shout things from the rooftops: I prefer to leave that sort of thing to others, however, on a noteworthy occasion such as this, I feel that it is only right that I share my news!


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