Driving Lessons Sunderland: Driving Success For Ben!

By | 02/07/2018


An absolutely MASSIVE congratulation goes to Ben Bishop of Sunderland, on passing his practical driving test today at Sunderland DTC.

Ben drove like an absolute boss in the uncomfortably bright, hot Sunderland weather.

Ben approached his driver education, and indeed his driving test, in a 100% tenacious manner, and in doing so earned his much desired full driving licence (…and of course, let’s not forget a much-coveted place in the Chris Chambers School of Motoring Class of 2018!)

Outstanding work, Ben. I’m proud of you: thoroughly deserved.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you throughout your journey, and ultimately being a part of your driving success.

Finally, in closing, a sincere ‘thank you’ to both yourself and your parents for placing your trust in Chris Chambers School of Motoring, and with this, I wish you only the very best in your future endeavours.

Stay safe out there!


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Driving Lessons Sunderland

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