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Like all local businesses and SME’s, Chris Chambers School of Motoring relies heavily on the absolute satisfaction of my customers: Customer feedback is absolutely vital to me, and I constantly strive to improve my level of customer service.

When choosing your driving school or instructor, it’s about three things: Reputation, Reputation, Reputation!

Seek recommendations from friends and family, and check out online customer reviews.

Customer reviews serve as the surest way for new, prospective customers to get a real, unbiased sense of just how good I am at what I can do for you, and whether they can trust me to deliver on my promise.

Here you will find a small example of the feedback given by some of the previously satisfied customers of Chris Chambers School of Motoring.


Driving Lessons Sunderland – Gordon’s Customer Review

“His teaching style engages you in the lesson.” “…I must highly recommend Chris Chambers School of Motoring.” “Chris is very patient, calm and relaxed, but also constantly vigilant to ensure you are safe at all times during your lessons.” ”His teaching style engages you in the lesson, and makes you feel confident and relaxed at […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Keith Henderson’s Customer Review

“I would highly recommend Chris Chambers School of Motoring.” “…I would highly recommend Chris Chambers School of Motoring.  I was very nervous about learning to drive, but Chris was very patient.  I feel that de-briefing after every lesson helped me to see the progress I was making, and increased my confidence. “Chris doesn’t just teach […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Colin Evans’ Customer Review

“Chris is an excellent instructor” “…Brilliant, professional, and goes above & beyond with every lesson. Chris is an excellent instructor, and he kept me at ease through all my lessons. I would recommend Chris to anyone. He made sure I was fully ready to take my test, helping me to pass 1st time!” – Colin […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Liam Lusk’s Customer Review

“Does more than is required of an instructor teaching somebody to drive” “I enjoyed my time learning with Chris.  He is friendly, helpful and patient.  His methods are thorough which helps ensure that you are a safe driver, and that you have the most chance of passing at the first attempt.” “He is always available […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Rachel Ferguson’s Customer Review

“I had great fun every lesson!” “To me, driving lessons always seemed like a scary prospect and at first I was very nervous driving, but within a short space of time I was soon at home in Chris’s Fiesta.” “He was enthusiastic, friendly and extremely supportive and made learning to drive an excellent experience; I […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Charlie Cook’s Customer Review

“Chris exceeded all my expectations” “. . What do you want from a driving instructor? For me, it was a person that is knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, calm and caring.  Chris exceeded all my expectations and every lesson I had, I was met with a smile and a handshake. The lesson environment was always relaxed and […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Steph Farnsworth’s Customer Review

“I’d recommend Chris to anyone” “. . I hadn’t driven in five years and lacked all confidence behind the wheel.  I knew I had to start driving again but I was petrified.  Within a few moments behind the wheel under Chris’s reassuring guidance however, I felt right at home in a car again.”  “I’d recommend […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Susan Wheatley’s Customer review

“Chris thoroughly prepares you” “. . An extremely professional, honest, caring and calm Driving Instructor.  Chris thoroughly prepares you from your first experience with a car, right through to your final test – so much so, I found it easy to pass my test first time!!” – Susan Wheatley, Sunderland.           […]