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Like all local businesses and SME’s, Chris Chambers School of Motoring relies heavily on the absolute satisfaction of my customers: Customer feedback is absolutely vital to me, and I constantly strive to improve my level of customer service.

When choosing your driving school or instructor, it’s about three things: Reputation, Reputation, Reputation!

Seek recommendations from friends and family, and check out online customer reviews.

Customer reviews serve as the surest way for new, prospective customers to get a real, unbiased sense of just how good I am at what I can do for you, and whether they can trust me to deliver on my promise.

Here you will find a small example of the feedback given by some of the previously satisfied customers of Chris Chambers School of Motoring.


Driving Lessons Sunderland – Elle’s Customer Review

“…I never once doubted him as a quality instructor.” ‘Chris is an excellent instructor who taught me how to drive safely and confidently since the first time behind the wheel. His manner of teaching is very professional and I never once doubted him as a quality instructor. He was always very positive and kind on […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Ben’s Customer Review

“…Would highly recommend.” ‘Chris was really helpful to me whilst doing my lessons.  He taught me the best ways how to drive and he has done that really well.’ ‘Chris was very supportive along the way, and as a result, helped me pass my driving test.’ ‘Would highly recommend.’ –   Ben Bishop, Sunderland.       […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Isabella’s Customer Review

“…I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” ”Driving was a scary concept for me, but after just a few lessons with Chris, driving began to be something I wanted to do.” “I came into lessons eager to continue, and learn to drive properly – which is something I never expected of myself. Despite the […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Jamie’s Customer Review

“…Chris quickly gave me the confidence to be able to drive” ”I started my lessons with Chris from having no experience behind the wheel.” “Chris quickly gave me the confidence to be able to drive, and gave me the skills and knowledge to behave properly and respect the roads.” –   Jamie Kemp, Houghton-le-Spring.     […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Brandon’s Customer Review

“…Chris is a very kind and approachable man who shows a lot of passion towards his job” “I learned to drive with Chris between October 2016 and May 2017, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Chris has helped me pass my test first time. Chris is a very kind and approachable man who shows […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Joshua’s Customer Review

“…We gained a rapport that made driving lessons a pleasure” “Having been with Chris for some time, we gained a rapport that made driving lessons a pleasure. He was continuously patient and knowledgeable, and my recent driving test success is partly down to his willingness to go the extra mile for something he is truly […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Alex’s Customer Review

“…Best driving school out there by a mile” “I would definitely recommend Chris Chambers School of Motoring, not only by looking at his pass rate, but by how involved he is constantly with his drivers’, and even once they’ve passed with him! He gives his 100% all of the time, and since driving is his […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Samantha’s Customer Review

“…Without his help I wouldn’t have passed first time.” “Darn!  Why can’t I rate 10 stars!  Absolutely amazing!” “I came to Chris from an instructor who shouted at me, made me cry (a lot) and feel very nervous behind the wheel. When I enquired about Chris’s service he assured me he wasn’t like that, and […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Angela’s Customer Review

“…Chris was always able to reassure me” “I would like to start off by saying a big thank you to Chris, who was always courteous and patient with me.  His professionalism started the moment I got into the car until I got out at the end of the lesson.  Being nervous and wary, Chris was […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland – Connor’s Customer Review

“…Chris had the patience” “I started my lessons with Chris after being with another instructor that I found very difficult to understand when he was trying to teach me new stuff. Thankfully Chris had the patience, and put in the effort with me to help me pass first time. I can’t thank Chris enough, and will strongly […]