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The DVSA Theory Test currently costs £23.00, and must be passed before the practical driving test can be taken.

The test consists of two parts: Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception (HPT). Both parts must be passed on the same day.

Please note that both theory and practical driving tests are available in English and Welsh only.

These changes have been made to improve road safety, reduce driving test fraud, and improve social cohesion.

Multiple Choice

This part of the two part test is presented to you first. Prior to starting you will be given instructions on how the test works. You will also have the option to take a practice session of questions in order to familiarise yourself.

Following this, the official test will start.

There are a total of 50 questions; each one will show a number of possible answers in which you are to choose the answer you feel is correct; some questions may require more than one answer.

Five of the questions will relate to a given case study scenario, along with other questions that are based upon real life scenarios and elements of the Highway Code.

Should you find that you have completed all questions well within the allotted time, I strongly advise that the remaining time is utilised as your answers can be reviewed and amended before moving on to the second part.

You are allowed a maximum of 57 minutes to complete all questions and a pass mark of 43 out of 50 must be achieved.

Hazard Perception (HPT)

As in the multiple choice part, prior to starting you will be given instructions on how the test works; this time in the form of a short video.

The HPT consists of 14 video clips featuring real life road/driving scenarios. All clips will contain at least one developing hazard; however, one of these clips will contain two. Any situation that occurs in which the driver may be required to take some sort remedial action is regarded as a hazard.

You are scored in relation to the timing of your responses - the sooner you respond, the higher the score given. A high score is achieved by responding to a potential hazard early, then acknowledging its progression from potential hazard to developing hazard through to actual hazard.

The maximum available score for each of the video clips is 5 points.

Please note that this part of the test cannot be reviewed. Also, a zero score will be logged for a particular clip should the system sense a pattern to your responses, or detect a continuous “clicking” action.

A pass mark of 44 out of 75 must be achieved.

On completion of the theory test, you will be handed your results as you leave the testing room and you will be issued with a pass certificate should your test have been successful.

Also, please be aware that this certificate is valid for only two years. Should the practical driving test not be passed in this time, then a further theory test must be taken.

*Please note that Chris Chambers School of Motoring can provide you with full advice and support for both aspects of the driving theory test.*

Please be aware that when booking your DVSA driving theory test using an online facility, you should be paying no more than the fee stated above. There are a number of online booking sites that can arrange your test for you, however, when using such sites there is likely to be an additional booking fee incurred.

To book your driving theory test, use the Official DVSA Online Service.

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Chris Chambers School of Motoring

Factual information contained within this page is, to date of posting, correct to the best of my knowledge.  No liability is accepted for errors or omissions.

*Please note that in the interests of both safety and law, I am unable to answer calls or respond to messages whilst conducting driver training sessions. Should your enquiry not be answered swiftly, please leave your name and a brief message (for private numbers, please leave a contact number within your voice message also) and I will contact you at my earliest possible opportunity; your enquiry is extremely important to me. Calling or texting is generally the preferred method of contact as I am able to respond to your enquiry more quickly and efficiently.

An answer phone messaging service is available at all times (24-hours’).

What My Customers Say...

"...I enjoyed my time learning with Chris."

"He is friendly, helpful and patient. His methods are thorough which helps ensure that you are a safe driver, and that you have the most chance of passing at the first attempt."

"He is always available to contact should you have any queries, and does more than is required of an instructor teaching somebody to drive."

"I would recommend Chris to anybody because of his supportive approach to learning, along with the fact that I regard him as a friend as well as an instructor!"

 - Liam Lusk, Houghton-le-Spring.

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