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Driving Lessons Sunderland – Colin Evans’ Customer Review

“Chris is an excellent instructor” “…Brilliant, professional, and goes above & beyond with every lesson. Chris is an excellent instructor, and he kept me at ease through all my lessons. I would recommend Chris to anyone. He made sure I was fully ready to take my test, helping me to pass 1st time!” – Colin […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland: Say What You See!

Does anyone remember ‘Catchphrase’ on TV back in the 80’s and 90’s?! The host at the time was called Roy Walker, and he had his very own catchphrase of, ‘Say what you see…’. So, on a driving related theme, say what you see… …It’s a pretty literal definition of what it is I reckon! Chris […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland: Driving Success For Colin!

A HUGE congratulations to Colin Evans of Sunderland, on passing his driving test today at Sunderland DTC! Colin, also a massive Sunderland AFC supporter, drove like a champ to pass first time, and become the newest entry into the ‘Chris Chambers School of Motoring Class of 2015!’ It just goes to show what can be achieved […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland: North-East Speeding Figures

Shock figures recently released have lifted the lid on the regions worst cases of speeding drivers, with figures showing that some of the regions motorists reached almost 100mph in some 30mph areas. The figures, released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), highlighted a number of alarming figures, including one driver caught doing an astonishing 96mph […]

Sunderland Driving Schools: This Just About Sums Me Up!

If ever a statement was ever tailor-made for an individual… Yeah – this just about sums me up nicely! I can honestly say that I pretty much love and live my chosen profession. Stay safe out there! Chris                     http://www.chrischambers-som.com https://www.facebook.com/drivingschoolssunderland/photos/a.383726825001355.92835.245201678853871/927562317284467/?type=1 https://plus.google.com/114398979294611026237/posts/W3g2ySCdvYx https://twitter.com/CChambersSoM/status/560893374937722880       […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland: Progress, Progress, and More Progress!

So another week has passed on this green and pleasant land we call earth, and what a delightful week it has been at Chris Chambers School of Motoring to boot! A very busy week, and it feels that I have barely found the time to take a breath. At the moment it feels as if […]

Sunderland Driving Lessons: Drink-Drive Figures Released

Newly released Christmas drink-drive figures have shown that young drivers are still taking greater risks. Police have revealed that in England and Wales there was 133,996 tests carried out in December, of which 5,885 (or 4.39 per cent) showed positive. The number of positive drink-drive tests were at their highest level since 2011, with the […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland: Attention Current Students!

Due to the onset of the adverse weather conditions we’re experiencing, I would like to take this opportunity to state that all arranged driver training will go ahead over the coming days and weeks, unless I advise you otherwise in due course. It is my professional responsibility to assess a number of various factors concerning […]

Driving Schools Sunderland: Young Driver Accidents

The Government has been urged to come up with ‘radical’ plans to reduce the number of young drivers being involved in accidents, as the measures imposed thus far have been deemed failures. A  cross party solution has been called for by Labour peer Lord Jordan, and Liberal Democrat Lord Bradshaw said that legislation should be […]

Driving Lessons Sunderland: SatNav ‘Could Endanger Lives’

A survey conducted by the road safety charity, Brake, has found that more than one in seven drivers have made illegal manoeuvres to correct mistakes to get back on track after blindly obeying the SatNav. The road safety charity said that this places “themselves and other road users at risk of a devastating crash”. Worryingly, […]